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Helping you balance your hormones and reverse your symptoms FOR GOOD!

See below for women's health or click here for fertility.

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The Women's Health Reset 

If you dread getting your period each month (or not getting it) and struggle with mood swings, cravings, bloating, hormonal acne or fatigue I can help you feel better in 28 days.


A self-guided programme to reset your hormones and kick start your health journey. Suitable for women with menstrual symptoms, PCOS and endometriosis as well as peri-menopause. 

The Women's Health OR Fertility M.O.T

A completely bespoke service and personalised plan 

What’s Included?

  • 1X 90-minute initial consultation. This is a deep dive into your health, medical history, lifestyle and current eating habits.

  • Up to half a day spent on forming your personalised plan based on the root cause of your health concerns. Including nutrition recommendations, recipes (based on your food likes and dislikes), shopping lists, supplements, resources and lifestyle adjustments.

  • 1X 60-minute follow-up call. This is an opportunity to review your plan and progress roughly six to eight weeks after the initial consultation. We make any necessary adjustments and additions to your protocol, answer any questions you may have and further fine tune and optimise your recommendations.

  • Access to the best functional testing and interpretation of your results.

  • Practitioner-grade supplements, discounted.

  • Ad hoc follow-up calls can be added on as needed. I like to have ongoing relationships with my clients as health isn’t linear. I am here to support you as your health evolves.

To find out more and discuss your needs


The Three Month Complete Wellbeing Programme

A fully bespoke programme designed specifically for you to completely optimise your health and address all aspects of nutrition and how to support your body.


You'll leave feeling your absolute best and will be set up with the knowledge and tools to continue to build healthy habits for life. Includes everything mentioned above but with 5 consultations over a 3 month period and unlimited support in between consultations. This gives you full accountability, unlimited coaching and reassurance. It also allows us to fine tune and optimise the plan as we go along for best results. 

Get in touch now to find out how I can best support you

Samantha Bowley, Therapist, West Sussex

"Thank you Uta, you have been a godsend and helped me get back to a functional life with the food I love and I'm so happy we met."

What to expect when working with me

A positive attitude and mindset - I want you to leave our calls feeling inspired and motivated to look after your health

A focus on what we're putting in rather than what we're taking out - no restrictive diets or calorie counting EVER

An educational element - I'll always explain why I make your recommendations so you can learn how to support your body in the long run

A step by step guide and easy to follow plan - You'll feel fully supported every step of the way to make nutrition and lifestyle changes as easy as possible

Lots of passion for helping you feel your best and I'll be your biggest cheerleader!

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