Nutritionist Weightloss Lose Weight Dietitian Brighton
Nutritionist Weightloss Lose Weight Dietitian Brighton
Nutritionist Weightloss Lose Weight Dietitian Brighton
Nutritionist Weightloss Lose Weight Dietitian Brighton
Nutritionist Weightloss Lose Weight Dietitian Brighton

Operations Training Manager

Rachel Moisley

"Uta provides such a fantastic service, she listened to my needs and was able to create a bespoke plan tailored to my specific goals and health related requirements.
Uta is extremely knowledgeable, and brings her wealth of experience and wisdom to every discussion and recommendation.
Uta is encouraging, friendly and personable, and was able to drive the self-accountability I needed to be able to make impactful, positive changes. I am really pleased with the results I have achieved so far, and I’m excited to continue this partnership!"


Customer Service Team Leader

Iida Carter

"Uta is simply amazing! Not only designing meals with me but really helping me understand the science behind the recommendations she makes. I feel great, I’ve improved my sleep, reduced stress and lost weight! I would highly recommend Uta for anybody who would like to take their health and happiness into their own hands. Do it!"


Training Architect

Angelica Charry

"She is excellent. Uta is a very knowledgable and friendly nutritionist, she took the time to listen and explain to me the best approach for what I wanted to achieve. I loved her sessions and the process we took. I am very happy about the advice she gave me, and I can notice clearly the benefit that my body has experience during this time.
I totally recommend her services!!


PHD Student

Elena Tiddens

"I've never written a google review for anything or anyone but Uta is definitely deserving of one. As I was not looking for a diet but rather a change in lifestyle my choice landed on Uta, and I do not regret a single second of it! My aims were toning down and improving athletic performance, but the first thing I noticed after implementing her plan was a huge improvement in my mental health. Even though I was not experiencing any (conscious) issues with it, I "suddenly" felt more energized, more confident, and less stressed. On top of that my skin improved significantly, I ran faster (from 10k in 1hour to 51m!!) and I'm gradually getting more toned. Uta is very knowledgeable, patient, helpful and easy to talk to, and I really appreciate her personalized approach. It is clear that she has a true passion for nutrition."


Customer Service Manager

Charlotte Cawley

"I came to Uta with a goal in mind and she was amazing! Uta took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve, really listened, and then came back with excellent and realistic suggestions to help me achieve my goal. Nothing was too much trouble and she was incredibly motivating and supportive too. I would highly recommend Uta for any nutritional needs, she is the absolute best! Thank you so much, Uta, for all your help and support, I certainly wouldn’t have known what to do next without you!"



Sara Stringer

"Before I Found Uta I was lost, I needed direction! I’d found myself very confused and wasn’t sure what I needed to eat for health and mindset and weight loss! So many fad diets hadn’t worked and I was heavier and unhealthier than ever I needed guidance! Uta is brilliant and has helped me understand what I need to eat to have a positive impact on my body! Two months later I’ve lost 2 stone and I feel better and don’t snack on unhealthy treats! I didn’t think it was possible, I believed I was destined to be the way I was ! Contacting Uta is by far the best present to me I’ve ever given myself .... invest in yourself and contact Uta you won’t regret it."


Customer Care Professional

Tamara Alonso

"It was a great workshop! I really enjoyed it as it was interactive and I learned more about nutrition and how to boost the immune system, great advice and very well explained! Highly recommended!"


Sales Rep

Suzy Faye

"Best decision I ever made to enquire with Uta about nutrition. She is the loveliest, most understanding person and is so knowledgeable in nutrition. There is no judgement from Uta she is so passionate about nutrition and is such a great help. I would 100% recommend  her to anyone."


Author & Filmmaker

Rona Walter

"A safe place to speak about nutrition and every day hurdles. Uta's compassion for individual needs and situations is accompanied by her patience and her gift to listen to find the ideal solution for each situation. Her expertise is highly valuable, I can absolutely recommend Cannelle."