Now enrolling for July 2021

Inside this 8-week coaching programme you get...

  • Access to 8 online classes to teach you everything you need to know about blood sugar balance and your metabolism so you can understand how your body really regulates weight. (£380)

  • Bi-weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions to ask any questions you have on your health. (£260)

  • Life-time access to the classes and slides so you can come back to them any time. 

  • My complete step by step signature system to improve your energy levels, reduce cravings and help you lose weight with ease. (£285)

  • Special Guest Speaker Dr. Lafina Diamandis, who will explain the impact of stress on your weight and share her top tips on managing stress and building stress resilience. (£150)

  • Access to recipes and suggestions so you can learn how to eat well consistently and never have to ‘diet’ again (NO YO-YO dieting here!) (£45)

  • Additional resources to further support you such as podcasts, books and test & supplement recommendations. (£30)

  • Join a supportive community in our private FB group to help you stay on track and celebrate your results. (Priceless)


Pay in full - £350

Pay in 2 instalments of £185